Garden Design Ideas

A beautiful garden is always a reason of joy and an oasis of satisfaction and relaxation. Designing a garden landscape to fit your own need and taste can be a difficult task sometimes without the advice of a professional garden designer.

A lot of amazing ideas for small or bigger lawns and gardens can be found in gardening design catalogs, botanic gardens or even in your friends' backyard.

Not only big gardens can look fantastic, but smaller gardens have also an unbelievable potential to be explored, so never let the size of your garden be the enemy of your dream green paradise. One of the best lawn and garden design idea is the mystery corner. The concept of the mystery corner is based on placing your garden's points of attraction as hidden as they can get from the public eye, only allowing them to be seen from close distance angles. So the attraction can be either an object or a small plant, but with shapes and color that draw attention.

Another idea for a practical garden is cultivating vegetables. Nothing can be more healthy and satisfying! Setting up an aquatic arrangement, a small pond or a romantic fountain have always been an amazing gardening idea. Walls and fences can also be used for planting climbing vines such as morning glory or hyacinth bean. Flower beds combined with shrubs, small trees and woody plants such as evergreens make any garden worth of envy. Installing torches, spotlights or garden lanterns are beautiful ways to light up your garden's potential.

When it comes to garden ideas, possibilities are endless and the results can be fabulous without having to spend too much money for a personal amazing corner of nature. Whether is wild and colorful or well organized and perfectly trimmed, we all deserve the garden we dream of!

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