The services of Native Zen Gardens were not limited to strictly personal spaces, but the company also had a wide variety of corporate clients. With both of these types, the main idea was to create a garden experience that had a direct purpose - to lessen the levels of stress and increase the relaxation experienced by visitors. In this manner, the company was very successful, using the native landscapes, such as forests, prairies, and marshes as the inspiration for their designs.

The Native Zen Garden company offered its clients several different services depending on the individual need of the customer. Some only needed a small home garden, while some corporate clients wanted their offices designed in a way to promote peace and harmony. The collaborative process that resulted in the final creation involved input both from the company and the client. In this way, the customer could have an active hand in deciding how their garden would look and would be present in all stages to see the practicality of the design. Consultations for Native Zen Gardens were always free and a customer could call them to set up an appointment at a convenient time to talk about their garden or other design needs.

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